Distal inkjet printing ink-eco friendly nano technology 

" 끊임없는 첨단 기술의 개발  안정적인 제품 생산 혁신적 기술 보유 "

디지털 산업용 잉크 새로운 기술 개발 

one of the leading manufacturer in Korea, have been supplying various kind ink of inkjet printing.
we design and manufacture various inks and related products with our own technology. we can always provide high quality products and customized services to our valuable customers.


Imagine Your Best Printing with D-ONETECH INK

The brand name of our product PRIMIRE A


Weather fastness and outdoor durability

Extreme conditions, weather and dust, can impact the ink on an outdoor application. That’s why ink must have strong fastness properties with the medium it is applied on. In this respect, A.T. Inks is your best bet. We offer inks with light fastness of 1 year, under standard conditions. If you have very specific weather fastness requirements, do talk to us about our specially formulated inks that are based on the medium and exposure.

Self tests

We have several of our own L Industrial Printers to check the final output of the products. So we merely do not only produce the inks, we test print all our batches as well. Each batch of Ink undergoes detailed and a thorough testing such as nozzle blockage, nozzle loss, decap time and continuous printing to ensure that the product being shipped to you is tested at length.

Shelf life of most of our products is 12 months, which has been achieved through innovative production techniques, which allow pigments to stay in suspension for longer periods.


A.T. inks uses a strong stability resin with very high purity solvent with digital process controls to ensure consistent batch to batch physical stability.

No clogging or blocking

The fundamental requirement of a good ink is that it should not clog or block the printheads. To ensure this does not happen, we use the best raw material and manufacture our ink under very strict parameters. The pigment particle size we use, is specially milled to the submicron level, to ensure the smooth passage of particles through the printheads. This is controlled for batch-to-batch consistency.