Product Description

UV  fluorescence ink


LED curable inks are reactive

Monomer/Oligomer based inks in liquid form which converts

into a film on exposure UV LED lamps

UV Inks manufactured by donetech Inks are specifically designed based on the following aspects

Benefits and Advantages

-Compatibility with a wide variety of substrates-Very good outdoor resistance and fastness properties
-Vivid and sharp images
-Good fluency and stability
-High ink utilization for cost saving
-Fast curing & excellent printability
-Low ordor-High density color

Technical Specifications

Viscosity : 6-25cp 

Surface Tension : 22-35Dynes/cm

Flash Point : >90°C

LED UV curable ink flexibility/LED UV curable ink rigidity
nameHard flow
UV Yellow fluorescence ink / UV Magenta fluorescence ink
Compatible  printhead(name no)
Epson DX4(e4),DX5(e5),DX7(e7)  / Rihco GH2220(R2)GEN5(R5)  
Packing unit1LBottle/18L/200ml pack/400ml pack

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production, when stored according to recommended storage conditions 

Storage Condition

Product should be stored in original packaging in a cool/dry place between 20°C and 28°C and relative humidity of 30-60% in a sealed bottle,away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Prevent freezing of this product. Use product within 15 days of opening the bottle for best results.